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Solar Incentives

Solar Incentives

Solar Incentives – American Solar Power

We are best in solar and wind power

American Solar Power is proud to offer solar photovoltaic and electrical services to the South Jordan and surrounding cities. We know you have questions about solar advantages and incentives. Our team has all the answers. From basic solar panels to on and off grid design, we have you covered.

The Incentives

There are many solar power incentives from the government and sometimes the state. American Solar Power is here to help you with all your questions. Below are some of the great incentives for turning your South Jordan home or business solar.

Investment Tax Credit for Solar

This is a tax offered by the federal government. It is also known as a solar tax credit and allows businesses and homeowners to deduct a part of their solar costs.

Cash Rebates

Certain areas provide cash rebates for having solar panels installed. This can reduce your solar system by 20%.

State Tax Credits

States offer certain tax credits for adding solar to your business or home. It is comparable to the federal ITC.

Solar Renewable Energy Certs

Your panels will generate solar power. As it does so, you can sale SRECs to utility departments and other areas. This can be a lucrative form of income.

Performance-Based Incentives

PBIs are offered by different states and pay solar panel owners for the electricity they produce.

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